Tango virus

Interactive instalation


Virus Tango is an interactive installation that allows the audience to modify a tango song (Astor Piazzola's) in real time by means of a viral process. In the installation, the audience can dance the tango song they are listening to, but the dance becomes a viral behavior that attacks the song, making it vary and probably causing its "death".

The installation aims to explore the audience participation in artistic creations resulting from a destructive process (like the viral process). It is said we have tango in our blood and "we will now infect the tango's body."

Music is probably one of the sensory phenomena that has the greatest influence on our body, hence the phrase "ears have no eyelids", which shows we have no protection against sound and it can even invade and hurt us.

Tango virus

Our aim is to reverse this relation, instead of the body moving to the beat of the music, we seek music to be altered by the movement of the body.

We have chosen songs of the composer Astor Piazzola to pay tribute to his music, which we have enjoyed so much, and to his searching and tireless breaking spirit, which has given tango a new life.