Se revelan, se rebelan

Interactive art

Museo de arte y memoria, 2021

DIPBA ( Buenos Aires Police Intelligence Direction) was an intelligence department that was dedicated to gathering information on social, political and religious events, such as assemblies, mobilizations, conferences, election events, strikes, plans of struggle, in universities, religious acts among many other things. An organization that since 1956, going through different periods of dictatorship and democracy, has dedicated itself to internal espionage and political persecution. After being closed in 1998, the Provincial Commission for Memory preservation, declassifies and makes these files public. This work is made with visual extracts from those files, in which the horror of internal espionage and persecution can be evidenced.

We thank the team of the Museum of Art and Memory: Laura Ponisio, Javier Ponce, Luciana Figuretti, Analía Sancho and Nuria Zanetto, and the team of management and preservation of archives of the Provincial Commission for Memory for all the support and help provided.

Direction: Biopus (Emiliano Causa)

Production: Biopus(Matías Romero Costas)

Original Idea: Emiliano Causa, Matías Jauregui Lorda y Daniel Loaiza

Scenography y technique: David Bedoian

Animation and content editing: Matías Jáuregui Lorda

Software and animation algorithms: Daniel Loaiza

Sounds: Matías Romero Costas