Interactive video mapping


Osedax is an interactive installation which shows the constant flow of matter and energy among beings that are part of an ecosystem, represented in this piece as a mapping of virtual creatures and music, in an interchange of information through audience intervention. A system with multiple projectors allows an interactive video mapping over the entire surface of a three dimensional and 12 meters long sculpture.


The piece was commissioned by the San Martin Cultural Center to fill the main room on the first edition ELECTRONIC NOVEMBER in december 2012. The following year it was invited by INNOVALIA to participate in the festival TECHNARTE and was mounted on the Museo Marítimo Ría de Bilbao where it remained for about a month.

Direction: BIOPUS (Emiliano Causa / Matías Romero Costas)

Code: Emiliano Causa y Matías Romero Costas

Direction and set design: David Bedoian

Set production: Matias Jauregui Lorda, Juan Diego Fernández, Antonio Martínez Vigil

Sound design: Rosa Nolly

Music: Matías Romero Costas y Rosa Nolly

Mounting: Proyecto 032 (Sebastián Nill / Lisandro Peralta)