Danza de las abejas

"Pump it up" game


Danza de las abejas is an interactive game that invites the audience to dance on a platform to drive a swarm of bees to flowers. The platform, similar to the music game Pump it up, is composed of four interactive boxes. The participant can guide bees controlling orientation and distance parameters to indicate the location of the destination. If correctly indicate these variables, then the bees can find the food source.

Bee dance

Through this experience, the public will have the opportunity to learn and interpret this type of communication used by bees.

Bee dance was developed under an agreement between the Faculty of Fine Arts at the UNLP and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Nation to be part of "Lugar a dudas" at the Cultural Center of Science (C3).

Artistic direction: Biopus (Emiliano Causa / Matías Romero Costas)

Visual, interface and game design: Connie Borsano

Music and sound design: Rosa Nolly

Code: Lolo Armendáriz

Electronics and sensors: Gabriel Orona

3D: Cristian Mendoza

General direction: Matías Romero Costas y Emiliano Causa

General production: Martín Barrios (Sec. Prod. Facultad de Bellas Artes UNLP)